Sponges and Puffs

When it comes to the puff, we have the right stuff, with 30 different porous makeup and powder sponges and puffs to choose from. Our sponges, which come in an variety of textures and materials, are designed to absorb the ideal amount of makeup for a smooth and effortless application.

NBR Sponges
Use when applying liquid makeup, powder foundation or two-way cake products.

Flocky Puffs
Use when applying powdery products for lighter applications.

NR and Caron Sponges and Puffs
Use when applying liquid makeup and powder or cream foundation. Puff should always be kept clean and dry.

Cotton and Acrylic / MicroFiber Puffs
Use when applying pressed or loose powder. Ideal for body powders, too.

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